Arrogation and Authority

Arrogation and propaganda

As election uncertainty continues to play out across the country, as they told you it would, the stage is being set for another illegitimate ascendency to the Oval Office. Illegitimate not because one of two psychopathic men claiming to rule over the United States is being defrauded or because the democratic process is being desecrated but because this whole ridiculous narrative is supported by a full-on propaganda assault. One major element of the propaganda is arrogation, falsely attributing or assigning authority without justification, is being used to propel the would-be Biden administration into office and is perpetuating a cycle of illegitimate authority.

The Office of the President Elect

Those with a keen eye for propaganda noticed something glaringly out of place with Joe Biden’s post-election public appearances, namely the use of his very official looking Office of the President Elect signage and insignia. This has been rolled out alongside Biden’s official looking COVID-19 plans such as his briefings, working session, advisory council, etc.

There is no such office and prior to taking office the only things the president elect is entitled to are office space and Secret Service protection. The briefings he gives and the plans he makes for addressing COVID-19 are just opinions and ideas given a air of legitimacy by graphic designers and the mainstream media. Of course there are consequences of this conditioning as it will train people to accept these images as representing the truth but the simple reality is that it’s an illusion of power.

Arrogation as a political tool isn’t anything new or partisan either. Donald Trump did the same thing as Biden four years ago as did Obama before him. In 2019, Juan Guaidó proclaimed himself the president of Venezuela with Washington’s backing. This assertion was parroted by the international mainstream media which helped gave Guaidó clout on the world stage but even with these levels of support this did not change the reality that Nicolás Maduro was still president of the country.

Political rituals did not magically grant these men authority. Propaganda does not know right from left or recognize borders and so long as these politicians and their offices appear legitimate the public will not question their authority and that’s the point.

All Political Authority Is Arrogation

Now that we’ve seen arrogation being used let’s put it on record that all claims of political authority are arrogation. Put another way, all political authority is illegitimate. Larken Rose lays out the logic of this claim succinctly in his seminal work on the subject, The Most Dangerous Superstition:

Because each person has the right to “rule” himself (as schizophrenic as that idea may
be), he can, at least in theory, authorize someone else to rule himself. But a right he does
not possess, and therefore cannot delegate to anyone else, is the right to rule someone
else…To put it in the simplest terms, you can’t give someone something you don’t have. And that simple truth, all by itself, rules out all “government,” because if those in “government” have only those rights possessed by those who elected them, then “government” loses the one ingredient that makes it “government”: the right to rule over others (“authority”). If it has the same rights and
powers as everyone else, there is no reason to call it “government.” If the politicians have no more rights than
you have, all of their demands and commands, all of their political rituals, “law” books, courts, and so on, amount to nothing more than the symptoms of a profound delusional psychosis. Nothing they do can have any legitimacy, any more than if you did the same thing on your own, unless they somehow acquired rights that you do not have. And that is impossible, since no one on earth, and no group of people on earth, could possibly have given them such superhuman rights.

This was true when the Egyptian pharaohs claimed that they were chosen to rule over the people because they were descendants of the gods. It was also true thousands of years later when the monarchs of Europe claimed they were chosen by the gods to rule over the people. It is true to this day when political rituals such as elections are held under the guise of democracy.

An Appeal to Authority

A tangential problem with the use of arrogation as a propaganda technique is how it feeds in to the realm of logical fallacies in the form of appeals to authority. If one can unjustifiably maneuver themselves into a position of authority, political or otherwise, then they can illegitimately expand their authority through this technique.

Of course there really are experts and authorities out there that can be looked to and trusted but it’s not as simple as just taking them at their word or trusting their credentials. But at what point does an appeal to authority become a logical fallacy? Professor Austin Cline explains:

A fundamental reason why the appeal to authority can be a fallacy is that a proposition can be well supported only by facts and logically valid inferences. But by using an authority, the argument is relying upon testimony, not facts. A testimony is not an argument and it is not a fact.

Now, such testimony might be strong or it might be weak. The better the authority, the stronger the testimony will be and the worse the authority, the weaker the testimony will be. Thus, the way to differentiate between a legitimate and a fallacious appeal to authority is by evaluating the nature and strength of who is giving the testimony.

Examples of this phenomenon are very easy to come by in the year 2020 as the world is shuttered and crippled by men and women demanding draconian actions in the name of fighting a virus. Let’s look at one obvious example to paint a clear picture of how so-called authorities have aborrated authority and are helping to push this agenda along.

Bill Gates has been made several rounds on mainstream media this year to construct an official sounding narrative around COVID-19, lockdowns, and vaccinations. Over the past decade the wealthy eugenics-obsessed software developer has risen to new heights of prominence as he promotes himself as an expert in healthcare. How this myth stays afloat is made perfectly clear in the reasoning laid out by Marlow Stern at The Daily Beast who defended Gates as an authority on healthcare by saying:

Of course, Gates is one of the more qualified people to discuss virus transmission and vaccines, given that his Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has supported a number of vaccine-distribution programs to help fight everything from tuberculosis and malaria to AIDS.

Is this a legitimate appeal to authority, or a fallacious appeal to authority? I’m leaning towards fallacious.

Firstly, the way this is framed it essentially equates wealth with knowledge. By simply funding vaccine-distribution programs into existence, and making himself richer in the process, Gates has established himself as a medical authority, a form of arrogation. There is no confirmation that he actually understands the science behind these measures, nor is there is no mention of the success rate of any of these programs. There is certainly no mention, let alone critical examination, of the damage his work has done in places like India or Kenya or how he buys favorable media coverage to make himself appear as a nothing more than a kindly old philanthropist. If Jeff Bezos funds a new airplane into existence this does suddenly make him an authority on aeronautics. Bill Gates financially backing vaccine-distribution programs does not make him an immunologist.

Secondly, the man has no credentials in the fields of healthcare, immunology, virology, or any other medical field. Now, holding a degree or a title doesn’t inherently make one an expert in a field but in complex matters in the various fields of science there are systems in place to ensure that legitimate authority can be obtained. Gates is famously a college dropout, has never had an academic paper successfully pier-reviewed, and he has never done any firsthand research into the matters he claims to be an expert in. It’s all well and good that he may be very close with people who do have credentials and experience in these fields but let’s actually look at the data, not take a man’s testimony as fact.

In Search of Legitimate Authority

Whether a Blue Wave rolls in or Orange Man Bad remains in office it is still manipulation and control that are the order of the day. Unelected men like Bill Gates and Klaus Schwab will still use arrogation as a means of getting the public to go along with their plans. That is unless people start questioning the roots of authority and how that relates to their rights.

Cline holds that in order to be a true authority, one must meet the following criteria:

1. The authority is an expert in the area of knowledge under consideration.

2. The statement of the authority concerns his or her area of mastery.

3. There is agreement among experts in the area of knowledge under consideration.

There is no greater authority in one’s own life than themselves. You are an expert and have the most knowledge of your life and what will make it good. You only have authority over yourself, not others. If people agree to this foundational belief of voluntaryism then arrogation at this level cannot happen. Therefore, everyone is well-suited to be an authority in the matter of governing their lives and do not need to look to these false experts.

This philosophical framework eliminates the possibility for politicians, the elite, and other would-be controllers to continue to usurp our rights. From here individuals can continue to flourish and become experts in all matters and be sought for guidance but without the need for sacrificing our freedoms in the process. It is all possible if only people are willing to commit to putting away politics and replace them with philosophy and trust in themselves rather than the unaccountable men and women falsely claiming to know what’s best.



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