Biden Lawn Video Is Real Say Fact Checkers


At a time when the world is being asked to surrender bodily autonomy in the name of public health it only makes sense that we would also be asked to surrender our mental autonomy along with it. This isn’t a brand new feature of society—don’t forget the battle against “fake news” by the mainstream media and big tech in 2016—but it is an increasingly prevalent hallmark of our technocratic age where it is not up to the individual to decide what they see or experience but the experts, fact-checkers, and the state. In this Orwellian society the public is being asked to reject the evidence of their eyes and ears, to say that two plus two make five, just as Winston was asked by The Party in 1984.  

Take the op-ed by Charlie Warzel published in the New York Times last month as a sign of the times. In his article, Warzel implores readers to not critically think or do their own intense research when it comes to information they come across online. To criticize every element of that piece would require an article unto itself but the gist is that the “average internet user” is no match for the dreaded conspiracy theorists lurking on the information superhighway. These common folk should reduce their own fact checking to 30 to 90 second searches on Google and Wikipedia and then forget about it. Conducting actual research and developing media literacy skills are best left to the experts who will then tell you what to make of things.

That’s my interpretation of Warzel’s article anyway but please, read it for yourself, do the research, place things in their proper context, and come to your own conclusions. Question everything.

It’s one thing to be told not to trust every piece of information you come across on the Internet but what about when you’re told to not trust your own senses?

This week a video clip of Joe Biden approaching reporters on the White House lawn caught the public’s attention. The clip very obviously appears to have been edited in some way due to how Biden’s right hand moves through the grey microphone.

What does this prove? That Biden is actually dead and a CGI version is being edited in? Or that he is alive but making all of his appearances in front of green screens? Is this a sign from Q that the mass arrests have taken place and Trump is going to retake Washington any day now?

No. It proves that the video was edited. But again, don’t take my word, or anyone else’s, as truth. Watch for yourself, trust your ability to interpret reality.

But even that simple truth is too much for the gatekeepers. Twitter rapidly reassured users that fact-checkers had proven the video to be real. Their evidence? Other videos and photos of the quick exchange Biden had with the press. While that other media is solid proof that Biden was actually on the White House lawn that morning that misses the point which is that the edited video is clearly edited and the viewer is being told to deny their own eyes.

Then again, maybe this rush to deny reality by the establishment should not come as much of a surprise. After all, it’s been a full year since the public has gone into a mass hysteria which has caused people to accept that experimental gene therapies are vaccines, that cloth masks prevent the spread of a virus, that dying with something equals dying from something, and that a living amongst a disease with a nearly 99.9% recovery rate constitutes a global pandemic.

“Freedom is the freedom to say that two plus two make four. If that is granted, all else follows,” wrote Winston in his diary.

How much longer will this be granted to us? We should hope forever because we know what follows.

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