Covid Fighting Chemtrails Over Spain?


One of the silver lining of the old order of the world collapsing around us is that more and more people are able to see through the lies and deceit of the mainstream narrative. This hasn’t been enough to turn the tide against tyranny yet but a byproduct of nearly 2/3 of people not trusting the mainstream media has been the rise of independent, citizen, and alternative media outlets. In turn, a result of this phenomenon as been truth about everything from false flag terror to geoengineering is being revealed on a massive scale.

But we don’t always get it right. Case in point is story of graphene oxide being found in a Pfizer vaccine which we covered in August. When news of this story broke the alternative spheres lit up believing that they had proof of what many believe to be true, that there is something nefarious with these so-called vaccines and the push to get them into everyone on the planet. While there is most definitely something wicked at play behind this agenda, which we discussed at the time, it just wasn’t the true that 99% of the Pfizer vaccines were made up of graphene as was reported in several alternative outlets. Sometimes when we get information from an alternative source we run with it thinking that as long as it’s not coming from the mainstream it must be true.

This is happening once again with a story that has been picked up in the English speaking alternative press about chemtrails over Spain. At the end of September, Alerta Digital published a piece about government workers blowing the whistle on the government’s scheme to spray the skies in order to battle the so-called pandemic. The Google translated English version was quickly published in a series of alternative outlets.

The article is a jumbled rehashing of a stories and social media posts which had circulated earlier in the summer regarding the Spanish government supposedly authorizing aerial spraying of biocides to combat the coronavirus. The piece is titled “Four workers from the State Meteorological Agency confessed that planes are spreading lead dioxide, silver iodide and diatomite throughout Spain” and opens with a claim that the Spanish government is spraying chemtrails during the state of emergency. Without any transition it takes the reader back to 2015 when Ramon Tremosa, a Catalan politician, wrote to the European Parliament about geoengineering which is mean to serve as proof that what is happening now is true.

What Tremosa wrote in 2015 was this:

Four employees of Spain’s Meteorological Agency have confessed that Spain is being sprayed nationwide by aircraft that are spreading lead dioxide, silver iodide and diatomite through the atmosphere. The objective is to keep rain away and allow temperatures to rise, which creates a summer climate for tourism while benefiting corporations in the agricultural sector. In turn this is causing very severe instances of the extreme weather phenomenon known in Spanish as ‘gota fría’ [cold rain].

The autonomous communities of Murcia and Valencia and the province of Almeria are the most affected, to the extent that not a drop of rain falls in over seven months, catastrophic ‘gota fría’ storms are generated, and respiratory diseases are caused among the population due to the inhalation of the lead dioxide and other toxic compounds. These aircraft are taking off from San Javier military airport in Murcia.

There is no source given in the article to document the claims of aerial spraying. What the author is most likely referring to however, is a Official State Gazette (BOE) from the central government of Spain dated April 16, 2020 which authorizes the government to aerially deploy biocides through nebulization (reduce to a fine spray) and thermofogging (heat and spray in a fog form).

A spokesperson for Spain’s Ministry of Defense told the Facebook- and Google-funded fact checkers at that no “military aircraft” are being used to spray biocides on the public. Just as the European Parliament stating that no “military geoengineering” is happening in Spain doesn’t mean that regular geoengineering isn’t happening there, claiming that no military aircraft are spraying the public with biocides doesn’t mean that chemtrails from airplanes aren’t appearing over Spanish skies or that biocides aren’t being sprayed on them through other means.

In that same fact checking piece the Ministry of Defense does say that biocides are being used in places like hospitals and that while military aircraft aren’t used in any aerial spraying, the military does use drones for that purpose. The same biocides being deployed in Spain are the harmful ingredients found in hand sanitizers and disinfectants which have become even more commonplace since the mass hysteria around the coronavirus began. It’s possible that these drones are being used to spray the lead dioxide, silver iodide, and diatomite chemtrails (or maybe calcium carbonate) which was revealed by Tremosa in 2015.

The truth at the bottom of all of this is that the Spanish people’s environment is being contaminated by their government and like any truth it must be spoken of accurately. Chemtrails are most certainly being sprayed over Spain. The Spanish government is admittedly using biocides in what they call the fight against covid. We need to be careful not to conflate these two issues and yet they must be fully opposed.



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