It’s Time To Ignore The Medical Establishment

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A running theme here at What About The Roads is opting out of, saying no to, and otherwise walking away from establishment systems. In recent months we’ve applauded Italian longshoreman for refusing to transport weapons to Israel and encouraged Americans to take their wealth out of the fiat system. Today, we are asking that everyone turn their back on the medical establishment.

Almost a year and a half after covid hysteria gripped the planet it’s reasonable to ask, why bring this up now? As we welcome the heart of summer here in North America there are two reasons.

The first is that there is no more debate to be had about facts, figures, data, or logic. People have their minds made up at this point as to what the state of the world is. One camp believes that the government loves them so much that they had to shut the world down while they and the medical priest class battled a raging virus on the loose. In the other camp, there are those who see through this illusion. This is the Dim Age where logic and reason do nothing to convince those under the spell of covid hysteria that they largely have nothing to fear and were wrong in sacrificing their freedoms and livelihoods for the elite so we’re better off focusing on those who can see beyond this illusion.

Secondly, we are in a calm before yet another storm. You feel this, don’t you? In recent weeks the spread of the so-called “delta variant” of SARS-CoV-2 has lead to the lockdowns in the UK to continue, new lockdowns in Australia, and Israelis to mask up again. Bureaucrats around the world are beginning to sound the alarm that other nations must soon follow suit. Oh, and there’s the looming power grid outages, cyber pandemics, and climate lockdowns that the powers that shouldn’t be have been talking about.

Perhaps it won’t be possible to head off the resurgence of draconian imprisonment and isolation, but now is as good a time as any to be ignore the dictates of supposed medical experts, pundit physicians, and dancing nurses. If you need to reset a broken bone or have a cyst removed then by all means, consult a professional, but otherwise it’s time to ditch the medical establishment.

Ignoring them is just the first step. The powers that shouldn’t be want a population of sick, overweight, and perpetually medicated people who depend on their so-called healthcare system. So, if any of the above applies to your health situation, then it’s time to change things because a healthy and fit population is one that is capable of taking care of itself.

With the basics of regular exercise, sound sleep, natural medicines, and organic food covered there should only be very limited need to ever associate or consult with the medical establishment. From here, there are also endless avenues for growth. Those who really get into fitness may want to join recreational teams to form community around health. There are volumes of literature on natural remedies and medicines for those inclined to pour over books for knowledge. Foodies can start their own gardens, volunteer at the local farmers market, or teach others how to cook for themselves.

Taking these steps might not immediately prevent Anthony Fauci from appearing on the television every day or cause Pfizer stocks to crash but that’s not the point. Hopefully those seismic events come with mass and time but in the short term these actions help to create a parallel existence to those who opt-in to the medical establishment of experimental injections, prescription drugs, dehumanizing masks, perpetual lockdowns, and everything else the experts say is best for them. Meanwhile, you can be enjoying your healthy and happy existence with none of that bother.

People in your life will notice the path you’ve chosen. Some many resent you for it and claim that you are selfish for not locking yourself in your home when the medical authorities tell you to or ignorant for saying no to taking an experimental gene therapy being touted as a vaccine but a few, a precious few, will see your life and want that existence for themselves. Welcome them, show them that what you have is better than what they’re walking away from and watch the world change.


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