Opt Out With Your Stimulus Check

stimulus check

Well, the big day is almost here! After months of anticipation everyone is about to be showered with their next $2,000 stimulus check!

Wait, sorry, so it’s only $1,400 per person but still…what? Huh? Oh, and this time even fewer people are eligible? Still…this is big news! I mean, come on, America is about to have 1.9 trillion dollars pumped into the economy. Well, okay, you got me, not all of it is going into the domestic economy but we had to send $500 million to Israel and GAVI deserves $4 billion, you don’t expect Bill Gates to fund it all by himself right? Plus those covert operations in Venezuela and a “public awareness campaign on the importance of vaccine education” aren’t going to pay for themselves.

Alright, enough with that. Everyone who’s been following this circus and still has two brain cells left to rub together knows that this just another political charade serving to condition people to accept universal basic income when the economy never actually recovers. This is not going to solve the issue of rampant unemployment or make up for the losses of shutting down society. In fact, it most likely will only bring down this financial house of cards even quicker.

Until the collapse happens there is no turning off the stimulus check faucet and while burning or flushing them may allow for a moment’s catharsis and buying something frivolous or expensive might give a quick dopamine hit, they can actually be put to good use by taking them out of the system.

This whole godawful system runs on the US dollar so the most obvious way to opt out with your stimulus check is to convert that money into some other currency. Crypto is an obvious choice as the world goes increasingly digital but precious metals, land, ammo, and seeds are all excellent analogue alternatives with markets of their own. Before divesting from the dollar however it’s key to talk with people in your community or family about what they use (if anything besides fiat) so you can have a place to actually spend your newfound survival currency.

If ditching the dollar isn’t your first priority you can put that stimulus check towards self-sufficiency which puts you further from the state’s reach. That $1,400 can go a long way when it comes to purchasing supplies for everything from 3d printing to off-the-grid energy. With spring just a week away in the northern hemisphere there’s no better time to start prepping a garden to wean yourself off of the increasingly centralized food supply. If you have children, everything needed for a home school curriculum should come in at $1,000 or less per child and probably even less if others in your community are looking to go down the same route. If you don’t have any children then continue your own education.

If none of the above works then that money can still go towards a good cost that works against the powers that shouldn’t be. Perhaps you’re overdue on making a donation to your favorite alternative media platform. Maybe this can serve as a rainy day fund only to be used on the black market. It can be used to pay someone under the table so no taxes are involved or to support a local business that won’t force its employees to be vaccinated or enforced a mask mandate.

There is no right or wrong here and for many this stimulus check might be the relief needed to pay off an overdue bill or buy groceries, no judgement here. It just has to be clear at this point that we cannot keep playing their games and devouring their distractions. Real change, no matter how small, can come from wielding their tools against them.



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