The Ark And The Pandemic Of The Unvaccinated

pandemic of the unvaccinated

Turn on a television, scroll through a social media feed, or scan the headlines of any major news outlet and you will be told that there is a battle waging between the vaccinated and unvaccinated. This battle, like all battles they will tell you, threatens to tear the world apart. They’re calling it the “pandemic of the unvaccinated.”

What is the pathogen causing this pandemic? It’s everyone who refuses to go along with the program. In many countries around the world are aiming for a world of “zero covid” in which the virus is eliminated. If this strategy is repeated during this next so-called pandemic  it isn’t going to be a virus that they’re trying to eliminate.

Elimination won’t necessarily mean death, though that may come further down the road. Refusal to comply will just been elimination from society. No more flights, no more jobs, no more doctors and hospitals, no more access to public spaces, no more bank account, no more Internet or utilities. Nothing until you all but disappear.

When this time comes, you will need an ark and your best chance at making this vessel waterproof is to build it with good people at your side. These will be the people in your life that have always been there for you, the ones who’ve loved and cared for and still respect your choices. There will be should be other, newer friends with whom you can foster community with. Of course, you’ll need to rely on an inner strength you may have never needed before as well. The pandemic of the unvaccinated will not space those who are unprepared.

While CIA-connected outlets like The Washington Post run pieces like this one from Max Boot, a Council of Foreign Relations mouthpiece who’s spent his career calling for death and destruction across the globe, which call for vaccine mandates, we have to ask: does the average person really feel this way?

The threat of forced injection is very real. We’ve seen countries from France to Tajikistan impose mandates on their populations. In the US this is happening at the institutional level with hospitals and the military forcing these  shots on their ranks. However, there is a difference between what is happening at the national and institutional level and what’s happening in our day to day lives. Opinion pieces like the one from Max are meant to be demoralizing. They are meant to portray the brutal and inhumane opinions of a malicious individual as the sentiments of your average person. In reality, it’s unlikely that anybody in our daily interactions would threaten us with exile and isolation for refusing to submit to this non-existent group think.

We don’t normally get too personal on this blog but last weekend illustrated just how true this is. One of my partner’s close friends was getting married in their hometown and as we’re a three-hour drive from there we decided to make a long weekend out of it which would also include a stop by my partner’s grandmother’s house.

Both of us have been very casual and open about saying no to the injections. Often times this is met a polite nod or smile then the conversation quickly moves on. Rarely do people ask questions and sadly nobody we know has yet to say that they too do not wish to take part in this experiment. At the end of the day however we all remain friends and/or family. No hard feelings.

This news had not reached my partner’s grandmother when we visited however. At first the conversation was pleasant and it was nice seeing her for the first time in at least a year. But then, she asked the question. We answered in our typical blasé fashion but noticed her face drop and the room immediately fill with tension. The pandemic of the unvaccinated was suddenly there, in her living room. Our answer was not followed up on and it became nearly impossible to restart the conversation despite our best efforts. We soon took the hint and left.

Later that day my partner spoke with her mother who’d been speaking with her own mother about what had transpired. Luckily, despite being vaccinated herself, my partner’s mother respects our decisions and explained this to the grandmother. She wished that we had told her before coming over but in the end was fine with everything. We’re now all looking forward to our next visit.

As this was unfolding, word of our “vaccination status” had gotten back to the bride and groom of the wedding we were about to attend.  We, along with several of the groom’s family members were told that it was either mask up or don’t come. My partner, being a member of the bridal party and not wanting to walk away from a decades-long friendship, felt that she was left with no other option but to go along with the program. Her mask was worn for moments here and there at the start of the day but was soon stuffed in her purse. I fared better and never felt compelled to put it on. In the end we ate, drank, danced, took pictures, and enjoyed ourselves. So did all the other guests in attendance.

In both cases we acted as if we had done nothing wrong and made no apologies. This tactic, we hoped, would break the programming of those who’d fallen prey to the onslaught of propaganda. By carrying on as normal we had shown that we were not the Trump loving, QAnon worshipping, anti-science crazies that the media wants us to be portrayed as. We’re still the same kind loving people we’ve always been. We just disagree that taking part in a medical experiment is the best thing for us.

Throughout this experience we had plenty of chances to pick a fight or walk away from these relationships. But, there is a flood coming. It’s being called the pandemic of the unvaccinated and to survive it, you will need to build an ark.



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