Reject Moderna, Build The Ark

If you figure a way to live without serving a master, any master, then let the rest of us know, will you? For you’d be the first person in the history of the world.

Lancaster Dodd, “The Master”


The push to get the world vaccinated got some bad press at the end of August when three batches of Moderna COVID-19 vaccines were suspended from use in Japan after one was found to contain a “substance that reacts to magnets.” Several similar stories of death and more contaminates broke in quick succession but were spun in a way to avoid any continued examination of the original story.  A deeper look shows that after several weeks we still don’t know what this magnetic substance was or how it got into these injections to begin with.

On August 26, the story about tainted vials of the Moderna vaccines first made headlines when the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labor, and Welfare announced that they were recalling 1.6 million doses due to contamination. Moderna was quick to chime in and say that “no safety or efficacy issues” had been linked to these batches. The batch numbers are, for the record, 3004667, 3004734, and 3004956, with 3004667 being the one found to contain the contaminates.

And yet, just two days later, it was reported by Reuters that two men had died just days after receiving vaccines from the tainted lot.  Despite being in their 30s and having no noted health issues, Moderna and the Japanese government did their best to reassure the public that nothing out of the ordinary had occurred here.

A couple of days later more contaminates were found in additional batches. “Black substances were spotted in syringes and a vial, with pink substances found in another syringe,” in batch 3005293 in Okinawa. More “black substances” were discovered in batch 3005236 in the Gunma prefecture in central Japan not far from Tokyo.

On August 31 it was reported that it was “highly likely” that the batch in Okinawa had been contaminated when needles were incorrectly inserted into vials, breaking off bits of the rubber stopper.

On September 1, another attempt was made to put the public’s mind at rest was when it was announced that those original three batches were just contaminated with stainless steel. “The foreign matter found in some lots of Moderna Inc.’s vaccine distributed but suspended from use in Japan was confirmed to be stainless steel that was mixed during the manufacturing process,” according to the Ministry of Health, Labor, and Welfare as reported by Kyodo News. “It is not expected that injection of the particles identified in these lots in Japan would result in increased medical risk,” according to Moderna and Takeda Pharmaceutical Co., the vaccine’s distributor in Japan said in a joint statement.

So that’s it right, case closed? Not yet at least. Almost two weeks since this story broke we cannot find any confirmation that batch 3005236 was investigated and with regards to batch 3005293 nothing more has been said to confirm the government’s suspicions about broken bits of rubber stoppers being the “black substances” found in the vaccines in Okinawa.

To muddy the waters further, the cycle has started to repeat itself, this time with Pfizer’s injections. From Zerohedge via Bloomberg, “The vials came from lot FF5357, where white contaminants were first reported by Kamakura City in Kanagawa prefecture. On Tuesday, two more cities – neighboring Sagamihara and Sakai City in Osaka prefecture reported contaminated vials, however there were no reports of adverse reactions. In Sagamihara, white substances were reported at three different vaccination sites on Sept. 11, 12 and 14.” Neither Pfizer nor the Japanese government has made comments on what they believe to be the cause of this.

This is all playing out at a time when those who are raging at any instance of what they’re calling “vaccine hesitancy” are applying more and more pressure on the so-called unvaccinated. When videos of people becoming magnetized post-injection are circulating by the dozen and reports of graphene oxide being found in Pfizer beg for closer examination, this isn’t winning any of those so-called unvaccinated people over.

Ultimately, does it even matter what’s in these vials? Anyone who is not going to receive the shots is just going to add this information to their list of concerns around these injections. Those who’ve gotten their shots and who are adherents of the pandemic narrative will continue to ignore, if not lash out at, anything which threatens their worldview.

This is because we entered The Dim Age long ago, a realm in where superstition and magic rule the day. There is a large portion of the public operating in this realm where no matter what is contained in these injections, they must be taken in order to stop the plague. This is according to their high priests who appear on their televisions and in their social media feeds anyway.

What accompanies these periods of fear, unease, and irrationality is annihilation. But it doesn’t take everyone with it. To survive the flood of death and destruction which accompanies The Dim Age, one must build an ark.

We’ve already talked about what this ark is previously in the form of building community, but there is a personal element to this metaphor that we skipped over in that analysis. That personal element is choosing your god or your spirit or your master to follow and following them now. To not do this during a time of intense psychological (some might say spiritual) warfare is to do so at your own peril.

Why? Because the other side has done this long ago and their gods want you extinguished. Their masters beg for death and destruction. Their spirits are possessed by his holiness, Anthony Fauci.

You can call your god or spirit or master whatever you want so long as it serves life and not death. For Christians this is Christ. Buddhists have Buddha. Self-proclaimed “spiritual but not religious” types might follow yoga or place the truth above all else. Even atheists (materialists) have plenty of programs and patterns steeped in rationality they can choose from to replace this death cult.

The only way for these gods, spirits, and masters of life, not death, to flourish is to give them vessels to occupy and those vessels are those who choose life. For some, they will be filled by the holy spirit of their faith. Others may choose love, truth, righteousness, or justice as their guiding light. Whatever they choose, they will be united with everyone else who has built an ark of life.

This is the same timeless battle of good versus evil which is playing out in this particular way at this particular time but the way to victory is the same as it ever was: choose life.



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  1. Hi Matt, I already am equipped with my anti covid natural cure. I only take herbals anyway, and am 60yrs old. Not on any medication, have no pains anywhere. I have been taking my health in my hands for close to 30 years, and will not take the vaccine either. I have full faith in God, and his laws. Even if that means survival of the fittest. Death is as natural as living, and when my time is done here, he will take me and there is nothing I can do about it, nothing I would want to do about it anyway. I’m not telling you anything you don’t already know, so I will get off my soap box now. BTW, I was never charged for my patreon transaction. Something is wrong. Is there another way I can contribute my humble appreciate for your impeccable writing?

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