The Pandemic That Wasn’t

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In the United States we are past the 400 day mark from needing two weeks to “flatten the curve” of coronavirus infections. This mantra ushered in the pandemic and it was not long after people started locking themselves away that the public was conditioned to accept vaccines as the way out. Now that the injections are here we seem to be at the point where many are accepting the idea that, correctly or incorrectly, that the pandemic is “over.”

As someone who never isolated themselves, overused hand gel, ceased working voluntarily, trembled in fear of a virus, or otherwise bought into the propaganda, the pandemic isn’t over because it never really began. Since borders and businesses shut last March I have done everything that was in my power to continue living normally. I spent much of last year traveling through Mexico, working, socializing, and otherwise enjoying life. Since coming back to the States in March I’ve enjoyed reuniting with friends, loved watching springtime come into bloom, and am looking forward to all the plans I have lined up for the summer. In many ways it’s like this so-called pandemic never happened.

Obviously this is not true on a larger scale. People’s lives have been absolutely devastated by the state’s response to this ginned-up crisis. A medical experiment, the scale of which has never been seen before, is being carried out in front of us. Social bonds continue to snap as the political tool of divide and conquer is relentlessly wielded against a tired public. The tyrannical biosecurity state continues to loom into view.

These are all facets of life we must continue to fight against but ultimately what needs to change if we are to avoid the coming nightmarish biosecurity state is the narrative. Facts, figures, and charts alone do not work in times of mass hysteria. Instead, the past 14 months must be reframed as a time when disaster was never even on the horizon, let alone something anyone lived through. Therefore, the future need not contain any technocratic measures being proposed by the political class and their lackeys in the media. To do this we need not do more than simply tweak the script we were given by the would-be elite.

Last March the World Health Organization (WHO) told everyone to brace themselves for a novel coronavirus with an infection fatality ratio (IFR) (I.e. mortality rate) of 3.4%. By April it was clear that the IFR was actually around .3% percent and over a year later that number has halved to about .15%. This should be cause for celebration but nary a world of this wonderful news has reached the mainstream.

Things then went from bad to worse when threats of asymptomatic transmission were used to shut down schools, businesses, travel, offices, churches and temples, restaurants, and just about any place people could gather outside of home. The public was told that even though a personal could be unequivocally healthy they could still spread this menacing virus somehow so we couldn’t take any chances and had to shut it all down. Though this was an unbelievable proposition most people seemingly went along with the story. Even when news broke in November that a study of ten million people showed not one case of so-called asymptomatic transmission had occurred little changed. This should have come as such a relief to those living in fear and yet the news went unheard!

Masks practically became a fashion accessory by summertime. These dehumanizing articles of clothing needed to be carried at all times lest you had to enter a store or come within 10 feet of another person. While talking heads, celebrities, politicians, and even the Pope were preoccupied with telling everyone to “mask up” for safety and denounced those who refused as unforgivably selfish, cooler heads were quickly compiling studies that have been available for decades showing that these face coverings would do nothing to stop transmission. But hey, those who verified this information for themselves got to enjoy the smell of flowers coming into bloom followed by a summer with an even tan. We should absolutely be encouraging others to ditch the cloth as the weather gets better once again.

As September rolled in all eyes were back on schools. Children had already suffered greatly by having their lives so thoroughly disrupted by adults and were now facing another year of digital schooling. In much of America this is exactly what happened despite the fact that children rarely got or transmitted the disease and those did did catch it had more than a 99.9% chance of surviving. Those that eventually did return to school were required to wear masks all day and in some cases be tested multiple times per week. These poor children need more people in their corner reminding them and their parents that these regulations are more dangerous to them than any virus.

Over the winter many states here in the US and countries across the world who had “eased restrictions” over the summer went back into lockdown mode. This was done despite the clear examples led by Sweden, Belarus, South Dakota, Florida and a host of other places which had “reopened” fully or never locked down at all and were no worse for wear. They should have been shining examples of a resilience in the face of madness. They should still be considered as such examples (without treading into the hero worship of politicians of course).

As another summer approaches the public is being told that there is light at the end of the tunnel now that people are taking the experimental injections being offered to them but anyone who can see beyond the official pandemic narrative knows that this is not true. Around the world there is talk of third and fourth waves of cases, in the UK the government is quietly planning to keep certain lockdown policies in place until 2023, and in Oregon there are talks of making masks and social distancing permanent.

Following right along will be most of our friends and family who are parroting the narrative that we are almost out of this. It is on us to reframe what it is we went through and where it is we are going. Try using facts and figures if you must, I’ve provided the links to do so and there are countless more out there, but ultimately if we aren’t countering the narrative then there will be no escaping this madness.

Just because businesses closed their doors, surgical masks became ubiquitous, social life dwindled, and work went remote did not mean that there was ever a pandemic. People made those choices because they obeyed the dictates of the political class and their stooges in the media, not because there was some killer virus on the lose.

Likewise, just because the injections are here and vaccine passports will soon “allow for travel to resume” doesn’t mean that society will resemble what it once was. On the contrary, there are potentially dark days ahead but only if we don’t start getting to the root of the issue and rewriting history.



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  1. Yes! Let’s tell the real story of what last year was like for those of us who chose not to live in fear, instead of twisting our own experiences into the popularized main stream narrative. Thanks for sharing your story.

  2. I really enjoyed your article. However, you need more commas! You’ll appear super-professional if you clean up the flow.

    1. Hi Tom – Many years ago now I was a staff writer at a magazine and this was always the messaging from my editor. Thanks for the reminder!

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