The Stories That Were Memoryholed in 2020

MemoryHoled is a series which investigates stories that dominated the headlines before suddenly disappearing with many questions still left unanswered. In these stories we will lay out the official narrative and examine the unanswered questions and unsatisfactory answers. No claims will be made that we know the ultimate truth of these events, only that there is still more truth to be discovered. Memoryholed in 2020 is the first in the series to act as a retrospective rather than focus on a single story.

memoryholed in 2020

The moral panic of COVID-19 and the saga of America’s Next Top President dominated last year’s headlines. This meant that almost by default any story that didn’t fall under these umbrellas were memoryholed in 2020. Entire books can and may one day be written to cover all of the fraud and deception at the heart of those two tales but for now we’ll look back at a handful of stories that slipped through the cracks last year. Each of them, I believe, highlights how the power structure marches on largely unchecked while the public remains distracted by the usual bread and circuses of political discourse.

The Assassination of Qasem Soleimani

The American war machine rang in 2020 with a bang. In the early morning hours of January 3,  a drone strike successfully targeted and killed Iranian major general Qasem Soleimani near the Baghdad International Airport. Such blatant war mongering and aggression, euphemistically called “preemptive defense” by the State Department, was given predominately uncritical coverage in the press as expected. Propaganda designed to demonize the Iranian state has been deployed for decades and as a result this killing didn’t prompt much of a reaction from the American public despite the outrageously illegal and immoral nature of the assassination.

Approximately one week before the assassination the U.S. launch airstrikes in Iraq and Syria against the Kataib Hezbollah, an “Iran-backed” militia, in response to the killing of a U.S. civilian contractor in northern Iraq. A couple of days after that the U.S. embassy in Baghdad was besieged by Iraqi protestors who were demanding that the American occupation of their country ended as a result of the attack against Kataib Hezbollah. Meanwhile, the intelligence community was cooking up the baseless narrative that Iran was planning imminent attacks against U.S. targets which justified them in assassinating Soleimani. Following the assassination Iraq’s Speaker of Parliament, Mohammed al Halbousi vowed to “put an end to U.S. presence” in Iraq and two days later on January 5, 2020 the Iraqi parliament voted in favor of a resolution which called for the expulsion of U.S. troops from the country. The U.S. made it clear that they had no intention of leaving the country with Pentagon spokesperson Jonathan Hoffman stating with a straight face that, “At this time there are no plans by the U.S. military to withdraw from Iraq. Consensus in Iraq seems to be that the United States forces are a force for good.” The U.S. deployed thousands of additional soldiers to the country shortly after the resolution passed to truly make it clear how little they care about Iraqi sovereignty.

The assassination served several purposes. First, the U.S. has wanted war with Iran for decades but hasn’t quite found the excuse to launch a full scale assault on the country. With every egregious poke and prod they hope to bait the Islamic republic into battle. Secondly, as this was most likely a joint CIA-Mossad operation, both Donald Trump and Benjamin Netanyahu received some reprieve from the scandals they were embroiled at the time. The most important purpose however was keeping U.S. troops in Iraq.

Another attempt to end the U.S. occupation of Iraq dies a quiet death while the war machine marches on. So it goes.

With the marking of the one year anniversary of Soleimani’s assassination there is good reason to pull this story out of the memoryhole. As Biden and his war hawk administration look to take office in under a month the drums of war continue to beat. There is no doubt that the criminals in Washington are still out for blood in Iran.

Let 2021 be the year in which the anti-war movement is reinvigorated. There is no political solution to this immoral action so let’s get creative in throwing wrenches in the gears of the war machine.

Threats To The Food Supply

While the world was thrown into turmoil over a largely non-lethal virus almost everyone seemed to miss the signs of a truly serious global health crisis emerging in the form of threats to the food supply. If it wasn’t for the work of Christian Westbrook, better known as Ice Age Farmer, even fewer people, this writer included, would have heard the blaring sirens of this impending disaster. The bulk of what follows has been compiled thanks to Christian’s work.

One of the first symbolic events to unfold during the covid hysteria was the image of empty grocery store shelves. The news largely focused on toilet paper and hand sanitizer shortages and presented minimal information regarding the supply chain disruptions caused by economies grinding to a halt. Soon after, rationing become more common as stores advised or limited how of certain items, notably animal products, that customers could purchase. Fast forward to today and we see massive chains like Sainsbury’s permanently closing their meat, fish, and deli counters. Throughout the year we have seen story after story roll in which, when assembled together, paints a grim future for the world’s food supply in the coming years.

The people who grow and produce our food have been horribly impacted by the disruptions put in place by the political class. Border closing, supply chains faltering, and economic activity halting all wreaked havoc on agricultural production in 2020. Millions of pounds of potatoes across the U.S. were destroyed when they had nowhere to go. As restaurants and hotels closed, farmers were forced to toss out tons of produce. With borders closed, migrant laborers were unable to work, leaving crops to wither on the vine. Milk was literally poured down the drain when it couldn’t reach shelves in time.

Animal life also suffered horribly because of the covid hysteria. The biggest story of the year in that regard was surely the culling of 17 million minks in Denmark after a supposedly mutated version of covid had been discovered in the animals. That one made the headlines because of the fear that could be generated in the population and set the precedent that further wholesale slaughter of any animals found to contain the coronavirus was permissible. As a matter of fact we may soon find poultry in short supply for this very reason.

Even when the virus wasn’t involved animals were killed off in spectacular, and curious, circumstances. In July 300,000 chickens died in a massive fire in New Jersey. Right before Thanksgiving 87,000 turkeys perished in fires at a facility in Texas. Recently in Florida, 240,000 chickens were died in fires at an egg farm. Similar stories emerged in Ohio and California as well. Perhaps we are witnessing a trial run for bigger sabotage of the food supply as arsonists hone their skills. Let’s not forget that arsonists were responsible for several fires on the west coast which didn’t producers, especially small farms. All of this during a time a record number of Americans have to rely on food banks.

These problems show no sign of getting better in the new year. Rather than ending the failed health policies put in place in 2020 and restoring normalcy to the food supply the public is being told to eat bugs and weeds instead and sit back while the eugenicist Rockefeller Foundation “resets the table” for us. This might indeed be the future we get if the World Economic Forum’s dire predictions of a cyber pandemic comes true which will complete paralyze the largely digitalized food supply.

Let 2021 be the year where the food supply becomes decentralized. Backyard gardens and local farmer’s markets are more powerful than all the money big agriculture can throw at the state.


Over the summer a reddit user discovered something strange in Wayfair’s inventory. The furniture and home goods e-commerce giant was listing storage closets for tens of thousands of dollars a pop, prices far above nearly identical items listed on the site and certainly more than one would normally pay for a bit of home storage. As Internet sleuths continued their research similar items were found in the form of $10,000 throw pillows and shower curtains. Descriptions of the pillows were as puzzling as the prices.

The theory then emerged that Wayfair was involved in child trafficking (or possibly the distribution of child porn) largely because the cabinets mentioned above, with unique names like Yaritza and Neriah, that matched missing children reports around America. This could have been chalked up as an odd coincidence, and it was in several cases, but Wayfair’s business dealings with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and the company’s own CEO’s tie to child abuse only deepened the rabbit hole.

The company sold furniture to ICE which was to be used at migrant detention centers. On the surface there is nothing out of place with a company doing business with the government but ICE is infamous for “losing” thousands of children each year which isn’t a good look when your company is now being accused of child trafficking.

Wayfair’s CEO and former head of the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston, Niraj Shah is also the head of the Shah Family Foundation which funds many organizations in the Boston area including the Boys & Girls Club. A report from 2019 states that hundreds of children had been sexually abused at Boys & Girls Clubs around the country. Again, Shah’s foundation continuing to support an institution with ties to widespread child abuse isn’t good for public relations.

It’s entirely possible that there is nothing to see here. This wouldn’t be the first time that internet researchers made something out of nothing but it’s the conclusion to the Wayfairgate saga that makes it a compelling case of a story being memoryholed in 2020.

The suddenness with which the story disappeared was remarkable. Wayfairgate dominated social media and many corners of the alternative media as pieces were being assembled but then just as quickly as this story emerged, it completely disappeared when so-called fact checkers came to the rescue and “debunked” the theory. Their proof? Wayfair said it was untrue. Other legacy media outlets piled on claiming that this story was tied to the QAnon psyop and therefore anyone claiming there was something worth investigating here was as stupid and dismissible as those believing Trump was some kind of patriotic savior.

If there was truly nothing to the Wayfairgate story then why not just let it run it’s course as so many theories are allowed to? Why did mainstream media and “fact checkers” feel compelled to devote countless articles to defend the integrity of a furniture company? Is it so incredulous to believe that high level organized child abuse networks cannot exist even in the age of Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell?

Let 2021 be the year in which the beliefs of others are not so quickly shamed. There is no telling how greatly our collective consciousness is diminished when we shut each other out.

The Nashville Bombing

The year ended with a bang just like it began. On Christmas morning an explosion rocked downtown Nashville. Reports quickly emerged that an RV had exploded and damaged several buildings in the immediate proximately. This included an AT&T building which is potentially used as part of the NSA’s domestic spying apparatus. Miraculously, the police were able to confirm that the DNA was that of Anthony Warner, the one apparent victim, and perpetrator, of the explosion . The media asked no questions and moved onto to portraying Warner as a crazed alt-right conspiracy theorist.

Details are still rapidly emerging so we won’t dive too deeply just yet but this story has more questions that need answering before the official narrative can be accepted at face value. If this was an act of terrorism meant to kill, as the media is claiming, why was their a recording emanating from the RV for over 15 minutes telling people to clear the area because a bomb would be going off? Were DNA samples of Warner’s really able to survive the explosion as police say? Why did police ignore his girlfriend when she reported his supposed bomb making operation to them? If Warner is just a conspiracy theorist obsessed with lizard people and 5G as the media is reporting, why didn’t he mention these things in his alleged manifesto which he supposedly mailed to several acquaintances before the bombing?

When the government has been involved in manufacturing most domestic terrorism in the U.S. over the past couple of decades it becomes imperative that getting answers to any and all questions about a story like this.

Let 2021 be the year that people do not trust the government’s word. The state is only concerned with their narrative. Therefore we must take it upon ourselves to uncover the truth.

The Ongoing Torture of Julian Assange

The abysmal treatment of Julian Assange at the hands of multiple state powers continued for yet another year. Despite the fact that Assange spent another year confined to Belmarsh prison, a Category A prison which is meant to house only the most menacing of criminals, while his extradition  hearing took place, hardly a peep was uttered from the mainstream media and even the alternative media largely shied away from the subject. His hearing was like something straight out of Kafka’s The Trial in which judge Vanessa Baraitser parroted the position of the U.S. government and time and time again went out of her way to provide the defense with anything but a fair hearing. To get a better understanding of just how perverted the hearing has been please see Craig Murray’s spectacular coverage on the matter.

On a brighter note, on January 4 of this year many people breathed a sign of relief when Baraitser ruled that Assange would not be extradited to the U.S. However, her ruling was made on the basis that Assange is a suicide risk, not because extraditing him threatens freedom of speech, freedom of the press, or other freedoms. In the coming days the judge will most likely rule that Assange is a flight risk, and since the U.S. government is likely to appeal her ruling, he will remain locked up in Belmarsh for another year.

Even in the truth community Assange is a contentious figure and there is good reason to question Wikileaks and their actions over the years but this whole decade-long saga is about more than questioning whether or not Assange an intelligence assist or finding the faults in Wikileaks as an organization claiming to stand for transparency. It is about freedom and justice.

Let 2021 be a year in which this saga ends. Not just for the sake of one man’s life but everything that hangs in the balance.

The Hunter Biden Laptop Story

Not to get into the election nonsense too much but no compilation of stories that were memoryholed in 2020 would be complete without the case of Hunter Biden’s laptop. It’s fair to say that the speed and style with which this story was memoryholed was unprecedented.

On October 14, the New York Post published a story about the Biden family’s dealing with an Ukrainian energy firm which was just part of a trove of information which revealed a larger international corruption scandal which gave private companies access to his influential father. Other scandalous details about the man’s drug addition and sex life, which is nobody’s business if everyone involved are consenting adults, also came to light. But those titillating details aren’t what matters here. What should concern everyone across the political spectrum was the media’s treatment.

With the election nearing, this was quite the scandal but rather than cover the story and share the contents it was censored by both Twitter and Facebook within a week. In some cases algorithms were designed to limit the story’s spread while in other instances accounts who shared links to the Post’s story were locked. Any mainstream outlet that did cover the story brushed it aside as fake news. In our digital age this story went down the memoryhole with lightning speed and was forgotten about.

However, in December 2020 Biden himself made a public announcement via his attorney that his tax affairs are under federal criminal investigation. The probe is focused on his foreign business dealings yet the FBI claims this has nothing to do with information found on the laptop.

Let 2021 be the year that the public walks away, once and for all, from big tech and their colluders in the mainstream media.

Happy New Year, reader. Several more stories easily could have been included to drive this point home but this paints a clear enough picture. Do not be dismayed by these stories and the continued ability of the powers that shouldn’t be to conceal the truth. Let 2021 be the year that fills us with hope and joy in spite of these dark days.



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