Who Will Survive The Dim Age?

Humanity has entered a new era. It was not brought on by fiery cataclysms or the global elevation of consciousness which prophecies and predictions had foretold of. Instead, we were ushered into the Dim Age, a period of decline and erosion which humanity must now navigate. With many of our old values and systems being dismantled we must find answers to the question of what will it take to survive this new epoch?

In the Dim Age, the Enlightenment era value placed on logic, reason, truth, and liberty is no more. In these times magic, symbolism, and superstition rule the realm. Historically this has probably been the norm for man but in our rapidly evolving technologically-driven society nobody really knows how the world works anymore. Arthur C. Clark’s famous adage that, “any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic” describes the times perfectly.

Look around, or simply at the device in front of you, and see how far you can get in explaining how any of it was built or how it functions. Step outside and ask the same questions of the cars that drive by, the utility poles that line the street, or the airplane flying overhead. There’s a very real chance that you can’t in any meaningful way. Nor could your neighbor, his sister, the mailman, or any of your ten closest friends. Even the pilot could only explain so much about the plane he’s flying. In other words, what makes the world work around is magic.

In many ways this is a beautiful gift. It’s absolutely wonderful that we can benefit from the Internet, automobiles, instant communication, overnight shipping, and a million other small things without knowing how any of it works.

But it’s not only our advancements in technology that have left us vulnerable. A sort of spiritual thirst has been seemingly growing for years if not decades in the West as traditions and cultural values that held society together for centuries have been disappearing without any adequate replacements. Under these circumstances man has, quietly yet desperately, been looking for anything to give his life direction and meaning. It doesn’t seem coincidental that during the so-called pandemic the expert class was ready to step in with a new set of norms and values that could replace the old ones.

If the world and the people who inhabit it were largely rational and had firmly held beliefs and values we would have calmly watched as the data quickly rolled in showing that the virus was largely harmless, put a bit of extra care towards our vulnerable and elderly populations, and moved on. However, the world and the people who inhabit it were not, and are not, largely rational nor do they possess firmly held beliefs and values. Instead, we were treated to the Dim Age spectacle of masks, social distancing, lockdowns, fear, and doom. In other words, the true viruses which threaten humanity. Over a year later this is still largely true though some people have become aware that what we’re living through is more of a moral panic a la the Salem Witch Trials than a true pandemic.

Clearly in times like these we cannot rely on the data that shows that the SARS-CoV-2 virus is largely harmless to break the spell cast on much of the world. Though such information exists in droves it hasn’t gotten us very far in getting out of this mess and with the looming threats of vaccine passports and mandated injections we are facing a truly horrifying future that many of us would like to avoid. If we are to do this, and hopefully bring as many loved ones along with us as we can, we need to get magical ourselves.

Imagine you’ve got a dog and have just invited a friend over for the first time. When this friend was a child they were attacked by a doberman pincer and being around dogs causes them great anxiety. Even though your dog is a 10 year old French bulldog your friend is nonetheless very nervous in your house.

What do you do to reassure your friend that they are in no danger? Do you show them charts and graphs detailing how only 1 in 1,000,000 dogs ever attacks a person or read them studies on the benign nature of French bulldogs?

Of course not. You show by example that there is nothing to be afraid of. Maybe you pet the dog and coax your friend into doing the same or encourage them to play fetch for a few minutes. If nothing else you just go about your business while the dog minds its own and, like magic, your friend will become at ease.

The amount of work required to ease this hypothetical friend’s mind is not comparable to soothing the souls of a worried public living through the Dim Age but the principle is nonetheless applicable. The way to survive the Dim Age is to show the world that there is nothing to fear, even in the face of madness.

When you are asked why you are not masking your child it’s not because studies show masks don’t stop viruses from spreading, it’s because neither you nor your child have anything to worry about. When you are criticized for your decision to travel abroad during a so-called pandemic, you don’t reply with the latest figures on case numbers but with photos of your holiday. When your family is asking when you’re getting your injection, you reply you’re not and it’s not because there are no long term safety trials or because the ingredients have not been made public, it’s because you watch your diet, exercise daily, and sleep well at night. When you are told to just listen to the experts or trust the science, you remark that your lived experience contradicts what the experts and science are saying.

The men in Plato’s cave didn’t leave because they had data proving that the shadows on the wall weren’t real. Slaves don’t revolt against their masters because that’s the logical thing to do. Christ and Gandhi aren’t venerated figures because their messages were rich with factual analysis. Exiting the matrix, searching for freedom, and spreading love all come from a magical and mystical part of ourselves that we must again call on to survive what is coming. We continue to rely on logic and reason in the Dim Age at our own peril.



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